5 reasons to choose an electric bike

Electric Bike with countryside in the background

We love electric bikes here at the Cycle Company (of course we do!) Over the years, improvements such as increased battery life, motor design and lighter-weight frames, batteries and motors have increased electric bikes' popularity. But there are many more reasons to choose an electric bike. We've listed 5 of ours, just in case you weren't quite convinced.

You'll go further and faster

Electric bikes are a great option if you'd like to go a little bit further on your bike rides. In fact, a study in Norway found that e-bike riders quadrupled their cycling distance over a six-month period.

Although the motors only assist you to 15.5 mph, this gives you much more speed up the hills and enables you to cruise along on the flats without using as much energy (unless you want to – see point 2).

The Hikobike Speedster is a great example of a hybrid e-bike built for covering long distances in comfort. 

You'll keep fit

If you are riding further and more often you'll be pedalling more (even if you use the electric motor). Plus you can turn the motor off and ride just like a normal bike – so you can exercise as hard as you want to.

Regular exercise is great for the whole body and can even reduce stress levels.

Even if you don't feel like your fitness isn't where it should be, bikes can help you by using the electric motor when you need but slowly improving your fitness levels at the same time.  

It's a great option for commuting 

With everyone starting to head back to work after COVID restrictions. We are now going to see an increase in traffic and overcrowded trains and buses.  I don’t know about you, but that fills me with dread.

An electric bike gives you an opportunity to remove this stress and go into the cycling lanes. Something you are able to do because even though you are effectively in a motorised vehicle, you don’t need a licence yet.

And because you can lean on that motor a little, you can commute without working up too much of a sweat and end up arriving in desperate need of a shower. 

Have a look at the MiRider One, which is a foldable e-bike designed for commuting. Read up on our E-bike Commuter Guide to get yourself prepared.

They're great for dealing with hills

If you live anywhere near where we are in Winchester, you'll know a bike ride doesn't happen without tackling a few hills. If you aren't quite fit enough this makes it very difficult to get out on your bike. This is where E-bikes really come into their own. Usually fitted with a variety of power modes to assist your pedalling, if you’re faced with a particularly arduous climb you can just crank your bike’s motor up to its highest setting and breeze uphill and see those beautiful views.

They're great for harsh weather conditions

Wind can be a real problem for cyclists, but having a motor to back you up means that e-bikes are great for tackling the British weather.  There is no problem with riding electric bikes in the rain – they are built to withstand our lovely climate!

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