Cycle To Work Schemes

Electric Bike Cycle To Work Schemes

The Cycle to Work Schemes are now available for all types of electric bike. So whether you are looking for a foldable e-bike to take on the train or store neatly at the office, an electric mountain bike to ride over the trails to work, an e-road bike to take the fastest route in or a hybrid electric bike to give you the choice of route you take… The Cycle to Work schemes can save you a significant amount.

The Cycle to Work Schemes have been developed to help more people be able to afford to buy an e-bike to ride to work – getting more of us cycling and less cars on the road. This is a great initiative that will benefit the environment, help us to stay fit and healthy and is really worth-while financially… Here is our low down on how the scheme works and how to access it:

What’s all the fuss and why should I bother? 

  • eBikes are the perfect companion for the commute and beyond, arriving at work calm and ready for the day, not hot, sweaty and stressed
  • The B2W Schemes are a tax saving initiative from HMRC to get people travelling by bike
  • Great savings for electric bike buyers of up to 45% discount on your eBike and accessories
  • Allows you to spreads the cost of the payments over a period of time to suit
  • Your Employer’s C2W Scheme buys the eBike and loans it to you, taking a set monthly amount from you gross pay
  • Schemes offer from £1000 upwards to the cost of the new eBike and associated equipment
  • Click here for guidelines on eBike purchase and any accessories 
  • As a registered dealer for many of the top C2W schemes we can help you find the right eBike and accessories plus simplify the C2W Scheme by assisting you with any questions and processing the purchase

Cycle To Work Schemes with The Cycle Company

Here’s our current stable mates but if you have another one already registered with your Employer and can’t use these then give us a call and we’ll look to set it up for you.  It’s easy and helps us to help you get your perfect electric bike at a great price.

Green Commute Initiative 

Green Commute Initiative Cycle to Work Scheme“Join the revolution” GCI championed the eBikes commuting revolution and are growing fast.  An innovative company who were first to break through the £1000 spending cap bikes through C2W. 

Whether your Employer is already registered and set up with Green Commute Initiative or new to the Scheme there are few simple steps to getting your perfect eBike

CGI Step by Step Guide to a great eBike deals

The Cycle Scheme

The original and biggest in the UK with nearly 1 MCycle Scheme - Cycle to Workillion smiling customers already enjoying great bike deals and easy, healthier commutes. Provide additional community support and advice, encouraging riders with competitions, prizes and rewards

Halfords Cycle2Work Scheme

Halfords introducHalfords Cycle to Work Schemeed their own Cycle2Work Scheme called Cycle2Work. It is widely used throughout the UK. Cycle2Work is part of a government initiative that encourages more people to commute by bike, enabling people to make healthier choices and reduce the UK's carbon footprint.

NB: When processing Halford's Cycle2work vouchers we apply a 7.5% surcharge when accepting them against full price items. This surcharge will need to be paid separately and cannot be included in the voucher total.

Vivup Cycle to Work Alliance:

Vivup joined forces with CycleschemVivup Cycle to Work Schemee, Halfords, Evans and Cycle Solutions – leading providers of the UK’s Cycle to Work scheme. The Cycle to Work Alliance is a coalition of these market leaders and represents approximately 80 per cent of scheme usage.

The alliance works hard to promote the narrative around Cycle to Work and has continued to focus on the health, environmental and productivity benefits of this widely used scheme, enabling cost effective access to employees across the UK – over 1 million employees have participated to date.

Calculate your savings on eBikes with The Cycle Scheme:

How can I try out your electric bikes?

If there is a lot of interest in electric bikes amongst the people you work with then we would happily set up a demo day at your office. We can bring a selection of bikes along and you and your colleagues can try them out and find the bikes that suit you best. Drop us an e-mail or give us a call if that is of interest. Otherwise, click for a selection of electric bikes. You can buy online, set up a Zoom call to look at the best bikes for you, come in to our Winchester store and try some out, or we can even bring bikes to your home or work for a test ride.