This depends on the size of the battery, how many hills you ride up and what level of power assist you use. However, an average journey on a single charge is between 25 and 45 miles, although you can do over 70 miles.

1)     Don’t leave your battery in very cold or hot environments (don’t leave it outside, or in a garage overnight).

2)     Don’t wait until your e-bike battery has run out before re-charging.

3)     Don’t ride your e-bike in torrential rain or through deep puddles.

4)     Don’t leave it charging after it is fully charged.

5)     For safety reasons don’t leave it charging when you go out or overnight and make sure you have a smoke detector installed in the room you are charging your e-bike battery.

If you have purchased your e-bike online and are not happy with it then you are able to return the bike to us within 14 days of purchase.

If your e-bike was bought online and you wish to return your order, the bike must be in a NEW and UNUSED condition in order to receive a full refund. This applies even if the bike has only been ridden once. Please therefore ensure that the item has not been used at all. 

To return your e-bike to us, please notify us in writing and arrange for the return of the bike, ensuring the bike is packaged securely.  Items damaged due to careless packaging will not be refunded. Sales of custom fitted orders are final & may not be returned.

There is no difference in the performance of external batteries, it is purely a matter of which you prefer to look at. Integrated electric bike batteries are generally thought to be sleeker from a design perspective. All batteries have a key lock for security and most can be removed for charging. Ask us about the water proof qualities, security features and range on the batteries of any of the electric bikes you are interested in.

The higher the Wh (Watt Hour) on a battery, the more miles the bike will do (although the weight of the frame is also a factor). A lead in e-bike may have a 250 Wh battery, whereas a top end electric bike may have a 750 Wh battery.

Usually between 3 & 5 hours, although the technology is improving all the time.

Usually not more than 10 p on a standard electricity tariff. This is why electric bikes are such a wonderful, environmentally friendly way to travel!

This depends on the brand and the price of the battery. Most good batteries will last 3 to 5 years if well looked after. Make sure your e-bike battery is guaranteed for at least 2 year. 

Unfortunately not – the technology for pedal charging is too bulky and unreliable for a bike at the moment. Although this will hopefully change soon.


Most electric bikes come with lights that operate from the electric motor and don’t need batteries. Some e-bikes come with mudguards and even panniers. However, this isn’t the case with all e-bikes. We can add any accessories to your bike you feel you will need – we can even add tubeless tyres if you like.

Generally, the lower price e-bikes will have lower powered motors, batteries with a more limited range and then (just like normal bikes) the frames will be heavier, and the gears, brakes, forks etc will be lower quality. However, there are some very well made & reliable affordable e-bikes – it depends a lot on what you are looking to use the bike for. We also offer excellent ex-demo, or ex-hire electric bikes – so it is possible to pick some great e-bike deals which don’t compromise on quality.

The UK legal limit is 15.5 mph and your electric bike motor will be restricted to this speed. However, if you are going downhill or pedalling harder than 15.5 mph then you can go over that speed.

Your frame is usually guaranteed for longer than the battery and electric parts, which usually start at 2 years. However, your warrantee isn’t valid for water damage or any form of misuse. You are able to purchase e-bike insurance, which we would recommend.

You cannot legally ride an e-bike if you are 14 or younger.

We will service any electric bike bought from us for as long as you own it. We don’t currently service e-bikes not bought from us or if you aren’t the original owner.


When a motor is positioned on the front or rear wheel, the motor is positioned in the wheel hub. The motor provides propulsion by spinning the wheel on which it is mounted.

Some riders find a front or rear wheel motor either feels like the bike is being pushed, or pulled along. This can feel a bit weird, because the additional weight in the back wheel makes it harder to balance, or because the additional weight in the front can cause steering challenges. But these are things it is very easy to get used to with a few rides under your belt.

For a mid-drive eBike the motor is positioned directly between the pedals at the bike’s bottom bracket. This ensures a low and central centre of gravity and a balanced feel more like a traditional bike. Riders don’t feel the extra weight of the motor because of where it is positioned. It also makes the bike feel more solid & balanced (which mountain bikers love on downhills!). A difference riders can’t see, but will experience on a long ride, is that a bike with a mid-drive motor works synergistically with the bike’s gears for higher efficiency, which translates into longer riding range per charge.

In our opinion the most reliable electric bike motors are Brose, Bosch, Shimano Steps and Fazua. But brands like Bafang, Yamaha & Specialized also produce some powerful and reliable e-bike motors too.

We're not currently setup of pick up and drop services. As we are so close to both Shawford Station and the M3, our shop is an ideal place to start and finish your e-bike hire. We have parking on site and can provide routes directly from the shop or a short train ride away.

However, for longer term rentals and larger groups of 6+ we may be able to help so please get in touch via e-mail or phone and we will see if we can help.


Full payment for the entire booking and signed T&Cs is required to secure the booking.

We will do our best to rearrange the hire to you accommodate your change request but cannot guarantee the availability

If your change can't be accommodated and means that the original booking is cancelled then the cancellation policy would apply as per below

If you cancel the booking up to 48 hours before the booking is due start we refund 50% of the hire fee

If you cancel the booking within 48 hours of the booking start time we cannot provide a refund and take 100% of the hire fee

We appreciate life throws us curve balls and we will do our best to rearrange the hire and get you on the roads and trails but we also need to ensure we provide excellent service and a sustainable business. Thanks for your understanding

We take a damage deposit for each bike we hire out as part of insurance commitments for the service.

Credit Card - we take this as an authorisation on your credit card so that the money is ring fenced but does not leave your account

BACS Transfer - if you don't have a credit card then you can make payment via BACs and we transfer this back to you after the hire has concluded and the bike(s) signed off

If you have a mechanical problem that is a manufacture issue and the bike is no longer rideable then we will do all we can to get you a replacement to enable to continue with your day out. However, if you get a puncture, your battery goes flat, you damage the bike and it can’t be ridden, or any other issue, then you will need to make a plan to fix your bike or get it back to us at the shop.

This depends on the number of hills you go up and the level of assist you use while you are riding. However, our e-bikes should cover a range between 25 & 60 miles, although this cannot be guaranteed. If you would like to rent a spare, fully charged battery then that is no problem at all.

If you are unfortunate enough to damage your electric bike or it is stolen, then you will be responsible for the repair costs, or the value of a replacement bike. If it is stolen you will also need to obtain a police report and crime reference number. If you would like to secure against this then we offer an optional insurance protection package against theft and damage, meaning you would not have to pay anything should the worst happen. You can obviously arrange your own insurance independently too.

A photo card driving licence with current address or a passport and proof of current address. Photo ID and proof of address are essential, without these documents you will not be able to hire. A debit or credit card for payment and a refundable deposit. Deposits will be withheld and/or reasonable charges will be incurred in the event of damage or late return. We will take an authorising credit card payment. 

If you return the e-bike after the agreed time/date then we will charge an additional fee to your credit card depending on how late you return it.

Unfortunately, children under 14 can’t legally ride electric bikes. However, we have a range of children’s bikes for all ages so you can still get out for a family ride. It just means the adults won’t have to work quite as hard to keep up!