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      Hybrid E-Bikes

      Hybrid electric bikes are ideal for getting you to work without a sweat on, or cruising the country roads and trails. Hybrid e-bikes have front suspension and thicker tyres than electric road bikes (although not as thick as mountain bike tyres), which means they are great to ride on gentle tracks and trails. However they are also superb on the road – they come in men’s and women’s frame styles and are built for comfort. The joy of riding an electric bike is that the motor will help you ride at a really good pace both on and off road and the flexibility of a hybrid e-bike is a huge bonus. We have hybrid electric bikes from Kalkhoff, Forme, Focus, Volt & Lombardo. Have a look through our range and please call us to arrange a Zoom call, come and have a test ride in store or arrange for us to bring some hybrid e-bikes to you to try out.

      21 products

      21 products