Bike Warranties


We love the eBikes we sell and we've carefully curated a product range to get the best performing, top quality eBikes on the market.  In line with this our Manufacturers offer warranties to cover you for the very rare cases where something isn't quite right with the product.

For full details on the warranty that applies to your e-bike purchase, including any relevant application forms, please follow the links below.

Please note that each manufacturer has specific warranty terms for frames, mechanical components, electrical components and labour costs.  Where the manufacturer does not cover the labour costs, The Cycle Company will do our best to discount the labour costs to get you out and riding as quickly as possible.  We'll advise you of the specifics when you book in for any warranty work


    Warranty Registration and T&Cs

    Forme registration T&Cs

    Fantic Electric Bikes:
    Your Fantic Electric Bike will be supplied with your warranty documents and these provide the official up to date information on your warranty term and details. Below are for guidelines only as they may change:

    Fantic Electric bikes come with a 2 year warranty on:

    • Defects or breakages affecting the frame;
    • Malfunctions and/or breakages affecting bicycle components (handlebars, brake levers, wheels, pedals, etc.);
    • Electric motor;
    • Display;
    • 2 year warranty on the battery pack (60% of nominal capacity).

    The legal warranty duration of 2 years applies to all the bicycle components (with the exception of those parts that are subject to wear and tear - see below). The warranty does not cover bicycle components that are subject to wear and tear. Faulty components will be repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period. All repairs and replacements carried out under warranty must be performed by an authorized vendor and only after receiving approval from Fantic Motor. The warranty and conditions may be transferred to the new owner in the event that the bicycle is resold before the expiry of the warranty period. In order to validate the warranty period, the new owner must be in possession of proof of purchase (invoice or receipt indicating the purchase data and identification data of the bicycle). 

    Warnings and Safety Devices
    The warranty period runs from the date of purchase, or no later than 6 months after the date the bicycle leaves the factory. The warranty does not cover component failures resulting from normal use of the bicycle and/or wear and tear (e.g.: tyres, inner tubes, chain, brake disks, etc.). The owner is responsible for maintaining the bicycle in good condition, using it with care and ensuring that it is serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

    Exceptions to the warranty conditions
    The warranty shall not apply if the bicycle is used:

    • For racing or sports competitions;
    • For commercial purposes (e.g.: rental).

    The warranty shall be declared null and void if the bicycle is used incorrectly or in any way other than that for which it has been designed; in particular, the warranty shall be invalidated in the event of:

    • Insufficient or incorrect maintenance;
    • Repairs that are not carried out by an authorized vendor;
    • Failure to repair worn or damaged components, or incorrect repairs thereof;
    • Malfunctions and/or breakages caused by excessive or incorrect use.

    The warranty shall be valid only if original spare parts are used for repairs or replacements. Parts that are subject to wear and tear, and operations carried out by the vendor, are normally excluded from the terms of the warranty. Fantic Motor reserves the right to supply and/or install components that may differ to the damaged parts, while meeting the same quality and technical specifications, under the terms of the warranty. Use of the services provided under the terms of the warranty does not imply the extension of the same beyond the pre-established expiry date.