Foldable electric bike: MiRider in Orange

Foldable E-bikes



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      Folding e-bikes offer so much versatility and are so much fun! Because the electric motor still enables you to travel at 15.5 mph, the usual limitation of a folding bike (speed) isn’t relevant with a foldable e-bike.

      Foldable electric bikes can be taken on the train, making them ideal for commuting. They can also fit neatly in to the boot of your car, meaning you can explore further afield, take them on holiday, on the boat etc. Foldable electric bikes are built to be light, comfortable to ride and have surprisingly good range on the batteries as a result. We really recommend these folding funsters! We have foldable e-bikes from MiRider and Volt. Have a look through our range and please call us to arrange a Zoom call, come and have a test ride in store, or arrange for us to bring some folding e-bikes to you to try out.

      2 products

      2 products