E-Bike Commuter Guide


Sales of bikes, electric and conventional soared in the last two years.  In 2020 160,000 electric bikes being sold  in the UK which equates to one e-bike sold every three minutes.

We’ve also noticed several people in store looking for new ways to commute to the office, ditching their regular commute and preparing themselves for a different return to the office at the end of the summer.

We’re here to say that you definitely should. There are so many benefits of commuting by electric bike.

Benefits of commuting by electric bike

Sweat and stress-free! 

All ebikes have motors that provide assistance as you ride – so you won’t need to struggle up any hills on your journey. Providing assistance up to 15.5mph, an e-bike will help power you over any hills and allow you to ride at a comfortable speed. So you won't be a sweaty mess before your meetings. On the way home if you want a workout you just turn down the assistance level and you can get more of a workout.

Save money on petrol and parking. 

There's no petrol or parking to pay (and congestion charges if you are in the city centre) no tax, insurance or MOT costs. Commuting by electric bike can help you save money in the long term.

Get a great workout

The bike motor will provide assistance but you still need to pedal. Plus the assistance can be changed so you can work as hard as you like.

You can help the environment at the same time

There’s no better reason to commute by e-bike than the environmental benefits. E-bikes release no tailpipe emissions – so they’re more eco-friendly than other modes of transport. A study by the European Cyclist’s Federation (ECF) calculated the full carbon footprint of different vehicles, accounting for everything from production to the extra food intake of cyclists (as you’ll be burning plenty of calories!). With everything accounted for, the carbon footprint of cycling was only 21 grams of C02e per passenger kilometre travelled, compared with 271 grams of C02e per passenger kilometre in a car.  

How far can you commute on an electric bike?

Typically a battery lasts between 25 and 70 miles of travel on a single charge of an e. 

How to prepare to commute to work on an e-bike  

Convinced? Well, we want to make your commute easier so we've prepared a guide to help you organise yourself to commute your bike to work. 

Before you set off on your e-bike commute 

Charge your battery

Put your e-bike battery on charge the night before to ensure that you have enough juice to get you to work. Many people make this part of their routine when they’re putting their ebike away so they don’t have to even think about it.

Wear the right clothing

Make sure you are wearing trousers which don’t dangle. You don’t want to get in tangled in the chain and ruin your favourite trousers! Always make sure you are dressed for the right season. Plus we suggest you pack a lightweight rain jacket because it’s never nice to be caught in the rain.

Pack your cycle bag the night before

Riding a motor-assisted bike means you don’t have to worry so much about the weight of your bag. You can fill your pannier bags with everything you need for your day at work. Make your life easier and pack your bag the night before and include:

  • bike lock
  • water
  • repair kit
  • Work items

This list isn’t extensive but completing these tasks the night before means that you will have a hassle-free morning and an enjoyable commute no matter what the world tries to throw at you.

Be Safe

Safety is a very important factor whenever you are cycling and the commute is no exception. 

Wear helmet

Always wear a helmet when riding a ebike. Get one that fits snuggly on your head and you’ll have peace of mind.

Mount head & tail Lights

Most electric bikes have lights that are connected to the bike’s battery, but if you don’t then purchase lights for the front and back of your ebike. When the days start to get shorter you’re sure to get surprised one suddenly dusky evening. Once you’ve purchased these lights fix them onto your ebike, leave them there year round and you’ll never get caught out again.

Wear the Right Clothing

You should wear highly visible colours and, ideally, reflective clothing.

Know the Rules of the road

It’s always a good idea to give your highway code a revision before you jump on your bike!

Ready to Go!

Map out your route

Although you may be used to a commute to work by car or train, you can probably take a different one while on your ebike. You don’t necessarily have to go on the busiest roads etc

Keeping Your Ebike Secure

Get a good, hefty lock to secure your ebike once you get to your destination. A good, hefty lock can deter anyone from stealing your ebike.

Commuter e-bike options:

Foldable Electric Bikes

These bikes fold in seconds and are light and speedy – take them on the train, store them by your desk – these are versatile and fun electric bikes.

MiRider One foldable e-bike 

MiRider electric bike


Hybrid e-bikes

These bikes are built for speed and comfort and include built in mudguards, lights and pannier racks – making them ideal for commuting.

Forme Peak Trail 1ELS 

From Peak electric bike


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