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      Our inventory boasts a diverse selection of electric mountain bikes, commonly known as E-MTBs, catering to a wide range of preferences. We offer hardtail electric mountain bikes, as well as top-tier full-suspension E-MTBs.

      Hardtail electric mountain bikes feature suspension exclusively in the front forks. While this design may result in a slightly less comfortable ride on rough and rutted off-road trails, it offers a quicker and more responsive experience on the road due to reduced bounce. This makes them an excellent choice for riders who want to explore both off-road and on-road terrain.

      In contrast, full-suspension electric mountain bikes are equipped with suspension both at the front and rear of the bike. These E-MTBs are purpose-built to conquer exceptionally rugged, rocky off-road paths and extreme downhill trails, excelling at absorbing bumps and shocks. The true advantage of an e-MTB lies in its electric motor, allowing you to conquer more hills during your rides and savour the thrill of downhill descents.

      Our collection features mountain e-bikes from renowned brands such as Fantic, Forme, Focus, Volt, and Lombardo. We invite you to explore our range and reach out to us to schedule a Zoom call, arrange a test ride in our store, or even coordinate a convenient trial of our E-MTBs at a location of your choice. Your adventure awaits!

      35 products

      35 products