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      We stock a range of e-mountain Bikes or E-MTB’s, from hard tail electric mountain bikes, to top of the range, full suspension e-mtb’s. A hard tail electric mountain bike means that the suspension is only on the front forks – this means the ride isn’t quite as comfortable on more bumpy/ rutted off road trails. However, electric hard tails are a bit quicker on the road as they have less bounce. So, these are suited to riders looking to do some off-road, but mix it up with some road riding too.

      Full suspension electric mountain bikes have suspension on both the front & rear of the bike. They are built for taking on really bumpy, rocky off-road routes and more extreme downhill trails. It is all about absorbing the bumps. The real benefit of an e-mtb is the electric motor means you can climb more hills in a ride and get more of the fun downhills! We have electric mountain bikes from Fantic, Forme, Focus, Volt & Lombardo. Have a look through our range and please call us to arrange a Zoom call, come and have a test ride in store or arrange for us to bring some e-mountain bikes to you to try out.

      15 products

      15 products