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The future of business transport and travel

How can businesses use eBikes?

...and what benefits will that provide?

e-bikes deliver sustainable, active transport and travel solutions for all businesses. The use cases are endless, the benefits are very real and can be enjoyed immediately

Revolutionise your logistics with eCargo bikes, the only way to move stock, equipment from your business to your customers

Transport your people from home to the business and on to your customers. Champion the future of sustainable transport today, lead by example and build a brand of sustainability

Inspire and invigorate your employees or customers with a healthy, active, and enjoyable alternative. Benefit from increased motivation, happiness and wellness

Take a massive step to ensuring your company meets its green targets with the significant environmental benefits of using e-bikes over all other transport modes

Whether your company has limited parking, is based on a large campus, has multiple sites your people and product travel between, makes regular client or home visits, or offers deliveries…. There are electric bikes that will be ideal for your needs

Cost Savings and Tax Efficient

Financial Benefits for Businesses

There are attractive tax benefits for companies using eBikes for commercial purposes as well as being beneficial for working capital. Leasing e-bikes is 100% tax deductible against your company’s tax bill and you can claim back the VAT (if VAT registered).

Payment terms can be tailored to the needs of your business but are usually 12 – 36 months.

Leasing a fleet of e-bikes

...works in the following way, all under an affordable monthly fee:

  • The Cycle Company work with you to choose the right number and type of e-bikes for your needs. This includes storage, charging, size and style of the bikes. Test rides of the different e-bikes available are encouraged.

  • The Cycle Company then provide brand new, ready to ride electric bikes and accessories. These could be foldable e-bikes, electric cargo bikes, or lightweight, commuter e-bikes.

  • Full training is provided on delivery – including how the e-bikes work and a cycling awareness and refresher course.

  • Full maintenance and repairs of the e-bikes are included throughout the lease term. All the bikes will also be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • At the end of the lease term, your company will have the opportunity to either purchase the e-bikes outright, return the bikes or replace them with a brand new fleet.

Why use The Cycle Company...

...for your e-bike corporate leasing:

  • We are independent and local to your business, which means we will offer the best, personal service for your staff.

  • We tailor your leasing package to ensure you have the best bikes, best employee engagement and best rider experience

  • Your contract will include site visits, bike demos and cycling awareness sessions

  • We are able to include any accessories that you might need like helmets, locks, trackers, pannier bags etc.

  • We aren’t a one bike fits all, national company – we offer quality e-bikes that match your needs and offer all ongoing service and maintenance ourselves. There is no outsourcing to subcontractors. 

  • We are able to brand your e-bikes in your corporate colours if you would like us to.

  • If required we can insure all your e-bikes with by our specialist cycling insurers – Laka.

  • We include discounts for any of your employees or their families who want to buy e-bikes.

The Cycle Company are here to support you in your mission to add e-bikes to your company’s transport solutions. We will work with you to understand your sustainability goals.  We can provide the data to ensure owners/ shareholders are aware of the environmental benefits as well as the benefits for your workforce.

Examples of Businesses that can benefit...


  • You have limited parking…
    Providing a fleet of e-bikes for your staff to use to commute to and from work, or a park and ride, will not only ease traffic congestion on your area, but also provides a healthy and environmentally friendly option for your team. There are potentially significant ULEZ savings too.

  • Your company has multiple buildings spread over a local area…
    E-bikes provide the perfect solution for military bases, power stations, university campuses, hospitals with multiple buildings or companies with several offices spread over one business park or private site. Providing e-bikes cuts down on pointless car or bus journeys. 

  • You staff make regular client or home visits…
    Doctors visiting patients at home, estate agents showing houses or commercial space, car retailers delivering cars, airport parking companies. All these businesses and so many more can save time, money and miles driven in polluting vehicles by taking on a fleet of e-bikes. 

  • Tradespeople working locally…
    Cargo e-bikes offer the ability to carry significant loads – whether this is electrical equipment, plumbing or carpentry tools or paint for decorators. Being able to make trades visits using an e-bike cuts down on hassles over parking, can offer huge savings on ULEZ costs as well as obvious savings on vehicle costs.

  • Businesses offering deliveries…
    Whether you have a team delivering medicines, parcels, shopping or fast food – there is an e-bike solution for you. Saving huge mileage and vehicle costs, as well as ULEZ savings, using e-bikes for deliveries is an efficient, environmentally conscientious solution.


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