How riding an e-bike can help with recovery from injury

If you've been injured and are looking for ways to recover, we've got good news: e-bikes can help.

Whether it's a broken bone or strained muscle, e-bikes are a great way to speed up recovery time and get back into the swing of things without causing further damage or discomfort. 

Why use an e-bike for injury recovery

Cycling is a great form of exercise that is kind to joints and can be hugely beneficial in helping to recover from injuries like knee or hip injuries. But even though it's good for you, riding a normal bike can still be hard work—and harder work for some than others. This is where an e-bike can have huge benefits. The different levels of assistance an e-bike motor can offer (usually four or five levels) mean that when you are in the early stages of recovery from an injury, you are still able to exercise at a sensible level. You are in control of the level of intensity you exercise at. As you build strength and recover from your injury, you can use less and less assistance from the motor and ride an e-bike more like a normal bike—and then eventually without any assistance at all! In this way, an e-bike is a very effective and sensible tool to help with injury recovery.

Common injuries that cycling can help with the recovery of are:

  • Knee ligament damage

  • Knee cartilage damage

  • Hip replacements

  • Knee replacements

  • Glute strains

  • Calf tears

  • Hamstring strains

Speak to your doctor or physio

We strongly advise that your medical professional or physio should take the lead in recommending when you are ready to attempt cycling in your recovery programme. But one thing is for sure… e-bikes will put a smile on your face and ensure you enjoy cycling a lot more on your journey to return to full strength and fitness.


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