Raleigh Motus Hybrid Electric Bike - Stepthrough
Raleigh Motus Hybrid Electric Bike - Stepthrough
Handle bar Raleigh Motus Hybrid Electric Bike - Stepthrough
Raleigh hybrid electric bike
Wheel of Raleigh Motus Hybrid Electric Bike - Stepthrough
Raleigh bike
Back wheel Raleigh Motus Hybrid Electric Bike - Stepthrough
handle bars of electric bike

Raleigh: Motus Hybrid Electric Bike - Stepthrough

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The Raleigh Motus hybrid electric bike comes in either step over or step through frame styles. If you are looking for a hybrid e-bike built for comfort and easy riding, this is the bike for you. Raleigh have a first class reputation for building functional, practical e-bikes and the Raleigh Motus is no exception. Featuring a Bosh, central hub motor, a 400 WH battery, front suspension and wider tyres - this bike has a classic upright riding style, but can handle gentle tracks and trails, as well as being super comfortable to ride on the road. Disclaimer - This bike is restricted to 15.5mph of motorized assistance in accordance with UK Law.


To make an offer, please ensure all the details regarding the frame size, colour and style are correct.

We are keen to be as competitive as possible on our e-bike sales and realise there is a myriad of prices advertised online - our make an offer function is there to enable you to offer a price you feel is fair for your dream e-bike. Please bear in mind all our e-bike sales come with 60 days free e-bike insurance, two years free servicing, free nationwide delivery and a free tracker for bikes over £3000. Our bikes are also delivered built, charged and ready to ride. We will respond to offers by email. If we counter offer, this will be the final and best price available.

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Cycling can be a great workout – but it doesn’t have to be. Say goodbye to jelly legs and hello to an effortless ride with the Motus – the electric hybrid bike for everyday life. With a powerful Bosch battery and motor, the Motus makes easy work of long journeys and sharp inclines. You’ll never have to push your bike up a hill again.
 Perfect for city riding, roads and cycle paths, the Motus offers sophisticated tech at an affordable price point. This ebike sports disc brakes, reflective tyres, bell, an adjustable handlebar stem, a 400WH battery and a 7-speed gear shifter.
 A super-lightweight Bosch motor adds power to your pedalling, with a near-noiseless design allowing you to ride in complete, uninterrupted peace. With an energy output of up to 250% of your pedal power, get ready to cover a lot of ground with ease. No more showing up at the office looking as though you’ve been caught in the rain. (Unless it’s actually raining. As amazing as our bikes are, they can’t control the weather. Yet.) When you’re ready to work up a sweat, a Purion Display lets you switch between four different modes, so you can put in as much (or as little) effort as you fancy.


Discover the perfect balance between comfort and power

Designed with a low step-through frame, this bike is easy to mount and dismount, making it perfect for riders of all ages and abilities. Plus, with its powerful Bosch Active Line motor, you can enjoy a smooth and effortless ride every time


A new level of convenience and flexibility

This bike comes equipped with a range of practical features, including a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and a convenient rear rack for carrying your gear. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring new trails, the Motus is the perfect companion.


Go further and faster

Thanks to its high-capacity Bosch PowerPack 400 battery, this bike delivers up to 70 miles of range on a single charge. Plus, with its intuitive Purion display, you can easily monitor your speed, distance, and battery life, ensuring you always stay on top of your ride.


Your Buying Options

If you need to know more about the Raleigh Motus e-bike then book a test ride at our shop, or a video call for us to talk you through the bike and The Raleigh Motus comes with the following warranty: 5-year cover on the bike frame against cracking due to a manufacturing defect 2-year cover on electrics, such as motors and batteries 12-24 month cover on non-wearable parts, such as the handlebar, saddle or stem Read more on our warranty page.answer your questions. If you buy online you benefit from FREE nationwide delivery and FREE returns if the bike isn't what you hoped for.



 Bosch PowerPack 400Wh


 Bosch Active Line


 Bosch Purion


 RST Volant 50mm travel


 Aluminium 6061


 Shimano Altus 7 speed


 Tektro T285 Hydraulic disc brake, 160mm


 700c double side wall rim


The Raleigh Motus comes with the following warranty:

  • 5-year cover on the bike frame against cracking due to a manufacturing defect
  • 2-year cover on electrics, such as motors and batteries
  • 12-24 month cover on non-wearable parts, such as the handlebar, saddle or stem

Read more on our warranty page.

Tom Corrocan


There is a lot to consider when buying a new electric bike, but that's why we are here. We want to answer your questions and ensure you feel confident you're buying your ideal e-bike.


Invest in a new electric bike that is right for you with complete peace of mind. Test e-bikes from your home or in store.

We have taken the bikes out twice so far, around Salisbury, and have really enjoyed them, as well as the interested looks from people as we go by. I had mentioned that our road is quite a long hill rising at a good height and that we live at the top. Level 3 is fine, Level 4 easy, while Level 5 is amazing! Thank you again for all your help. We have been telling people about you and The Cycle Company and will certainly continue to do so.

Tim & Catherine (Foldable e-bike)

Amazing!!! I love bike riding!!! Cheesefoot hill no problem ... really loved the whole ride and kept up with the horse and left my husband and son for dead!!! Great bike great service dead chuffed!!! Thanks.

Lucy (Mountain E-bike)

I tried several e-bikes before settling on the Peak Trail 1 ELS – as soon as I had the test ride I knew it was the right bike for me, it was like driving a Jag vs a Ford! It’s so comfortable and smooth. It was a big benefit to use The Cycle Scheme to pay too. Thanks to The Cycle Company for all your help and advice and for seeing me on a Sunday!

Beth (Road E-bike)

Wow! I love my bike. Everything about it is classy, it looks great, and the motor is incredibly powerful, and the specs are superb. I’ve been flying up the hills and getting so many more downhills each ride. I’m the envy of my Mtb buddies! Thanks for all your help.

Guy, (Full Suspension E-Mountain Bike)