Mondraker Neat R ENDURO/AM Lightweight  E-MTB 2024 Model
Mondraker Neat R ENDURO/AM Lightweight  E-MTB 2024 Model
Mondraker Neat R ENDURO/AM Lightweight  E-MTB 2024 Model
Mondraker Neat R ENDURO/AM Lightweight  E-MTB 2024 Model

Mondraker Neat R ENDURO/AM Lightweight E-MTB 2024 Model

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The Neat R is Mondrakers state of the art lightweight enduro full-sus e-MTB. Weighing in at only 18.9kg, the Neat R is as close as you'll get to a non-electric e-bike, whilst still getting that luscious boost on the trails. Powered by the TQ-HPR50 motor and a TQ HPR-50 360Wh battery, this motor is small, lightweight and quiet, therefore blurring the line between traditional MTBs and full powered e-MTBs. This is perfect for anyone looking to transition from non-electric to electric e-MTBs, as it rides just like a non-electric MTB, however provides a small help in hand when needed. The Neat R is an all-round fantastic e-MTB which ultimately will get you out riding more, riding further and riding happier.

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We love our eMTB enduros. They’re exactly what we wanted them to be, they’ve got our Mondraker DNA built in, and they’re what most of us really need from a bike as well. They help us to disconnect from our day to day lives and connect us with sport and nature.

Shred trails downhill... and up!

The Neat R is equipped with the TQ-HPR50, which is a small, lightweight and quiet motor. So quiet, you'll forget you are riding an e-bike! Yet whilst it feels like an analogue bike, you will still be provided a comfy help in hand from the motor on the climbs, making riding so much more enjoyable!

Zero suspension system!

Mondraker's state of the art ZERO suspension system is super capable, efficient and top performing. It comprises of a pivot suspension system with an exclusive dual link design. Its most impressive and unique feature is that the shock floats between the two suspension links and is compressed from both ends. Ultimately making descending harsh terrain as controlled and smooth as possible.

Merging Both Worlds!

The Mondraker Neat R is the perfect bike for anyone looking to transition between non-electric MTBs to e-MTBs. Its small and quiet motor paired with stunning aesthetics would fool anyone for a non-electric ebike!


If you need to know more about the Mondraker Neat R then book a test ride at our shop, or a video call for us to talk you through the bike and answer your questions. If you buy online you benefit from FREE nationwide delivery and FREE returns if the bike isn't what you hoped for.


Mondraker bicycles are sold only via its network of authorised distributors, who are responsible for the servicing and maintenance of our bicycles. Mondraker frames are built in accordance with the most innovative production processes, and the most demanding quality controls. This allows Mondraker to offer a lifetime warranty for all its frames against defects of materials or manufacturing.  Read more on our warranty page.

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We have taken the bikes out twice so far, around Salisbury, and have really enjoyed them, as well as the interested looks from people as we go by. I had mentioned that our road is quite a long hill rising at a good height and that we live at the top. Level 3 is fine, Level 4 easy, while Level 5 is amazing! Thank you again for all your help. We have been telling people about you and The Cycle Company and will certainly continue to do so.

Tim & Catherine (Foldable e-bike)

Amazing!!! I love bike riding!!! Cheesefoot hill no problem ... really loved the whole ride and kept up with the horse and left my husband and son for dead!!! Great bike great service dead chuffed!!! Thanks.

Lucy (Mountain E-bike)

I tried several e-bikes before settling on the Peak Trail 1 ELS – as soon as I had the test ride I knew it was the right bike for me, it was like driving a Jag vs a Ford! It’s so comfortable and smooth. It was a big benefit to use The Cycle Scheme to pay too. Thanks to The Cycle Company for all your help and advice and for seeing me on a Sunday!

Beth (Road E-bike)

Wow! I love my bike. Everything about it is classy, it looks great, and the motor is incredibly powerful, and the specs are superb. I’ve been flying up the hills and getting so many more downhills each ride. I’m the envy of my Mtb buddies! Thanks for all your help.

Guy, (Full Suspension E-Mountain Bike)