ABUS Granit XPlus 540 U-Locks (Diamond Sold Secure)
ABUS Granit XPlus 540 U-Locks (Diamond Sold Secure)
ABUS Granit XPlus 540 U-Locks (Diamond Sold Secure)
ABUS Granit XPlus 540 U-Locks (Diamond Sold Secure)
ABUS Granit XPlus 540 U-Locks (Diamond Sold Secure)

ABUS Granit XPlus 540 U-Locks (Diamond Sold Secure)

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The GRANIT XPlus™ 540 U-Lock by ABUS is the ultimate in bicycle security, providing unparalleled protection against theft. Crafted from specially hardened steel and incorporating power cell technology, this lock is designed to resist impact and thwart attempts to force it open. Its advanced XPlus cylinder offers the highest level of tamper resistance. Rated 15, this premium security solution that combines high-quality materials with state-of-the-art technology. It's the ideal choice for safeguarding your bike in high-risk situations. With prestigious certifications such as VdS approval and international recognition, this lock is of highest reliability.


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  • The lock features a 13 mm hardened square shaft parabolic shackle for enhanced security.
  • ABUS power cell technology provides protection against impacts and attempts to breach the lock.
  • Hardened steel is used for the shackle, housing, and structural components of the locking mechanism.
  • An ABUS XPlus cylinder ensures the highest level of defence against tampering, such as picking.
  • An automatic keyhole cover safeguards against dirt and corrosion.
  • The EaZy KF bracket allows easy mounting on round tubes with diameters ranging from 28 to 36 mm, enabling convenient one-handed operation for locking and unlocking.
  • The USH 540 bracket facilitates transport on the wheel and is compatible with round pipes with diameters between 15 and 35 mm.
  • The SH B universal bracket for U-locks accommodates various frame diameters from 20 to 55 mm and can be mounted horizontally or vertically for versatility.
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    We have taken the bikes out twice so far, around Salisbury, and have really enjoyed them, as well as the interested looks from people as we go by. I had mentioned that our road is quite a long hill rising at a good height and that we live at the top. Level 3 is fine, Level 4 easy, while Level 5 is amazing! Thank you again for all your help. We have been telling people about you and The Cycle Company and will certainly continue to do so.

    Tim & Catherine (Foldable e-bike)

    Amazing!!! I love bike riding!!! Cheesefoot hill no problem ... really loved the whole ride and kept up with the horse and left my husband and son for dead!!! Great bike great service dead chuffed!!! Thanks.

    Lucy (Mountain E-bike)

    I tried several e-bikes before settling on the Peak Trail 1 ELS – as soon as I had the test ride I knew it was the right bike for me, it was like driving a Jag vs a Ford! It’s so comfortable and smooth. It was a big benefit to use The Cycle Scheme to pay too. Thanks to The Cycle Company for all your help and advice and for seeing me on a Sunday!

    Beth (Road E-bike)

    Wow! I love my bike. Everything about it is classy, it looks great, and the motor is incredibly powerful, and the specs are superb. I’ve been flying up the hills and getting so many more downhills each ride. I’m the envy of my Mtb buddies! Thanks for all your help.

    Guy, (Full Suspension E-Mountain Bike)