MiRider One Blue | Foldable ebike for sale
MiRider One Foldable ebike (blue)
MiRider Blue ebike
MiRider One: Foldable E-Bike
MiRider One: Foldable E-Bike
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MiRider Green Folding ebike
MiRider One | Foldable ebikes available at The Cycle Company
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MiRider One e-bike (white) on steps in front of man
MiRider One: Foldable E-Bike

MiRider One: Foldable E-Bike

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The MiRiDER One foldable e-bike is an absolute delight! Having tested numerous foldable electric bikes, the MiRiDER One truly stood out and brought the biggest smiles to our faces. It's like a little pocket rocket with the style to match. As a company dedicated solely to building foldable electric bikes, MiRidDER consistently works on enhancing the practical features of their bikes. Folding the bike is a breeze, and its relatively lightweight (for a foldable e-bike) construction makes it easy to carry. It also comes equipped with mudguards, lights, and optional panniers, adding to its versatility. Whether you're commuting, dealing with limited storage space, or have a campervan, caravan, or boat, the MiRiDER One is an excellent choice. Disclaimer - This bike is restricted to 15.5mph of motorized assistance following UK Law.


To make an offer, please ensure all the details regarding the frame size, colour and style are correct.

We are keen to be as competitive as possible on our e-bike sales and realise there is a myriad of prices advertised online - our make an offer function is there to enable you to offer a price you feel is fair for your dream e-bike. Please bear in mind all our e-bike sales come with 60 days free e-bike insurance, two years free servicing, free nationwide delivery and a free tracker for bikes over £3000. Our bikes are also delivered built, charged and ready to ride. We will respond to offers by email. If we counter offer, this will be the final and best price available.

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MiRiDER One, the 3rd generation, boasts a stylish design, excellent ride, and outstanding build quality. This electric folding bike offers great value, fun, and exquisite design, packed with a multitude of features. Equipped with the latest sinewave controller, this e-bike delivers a smooth, powerful, and responsive riding experience. The high-quality 250w rear hub motor provides assistance while pedaling, allowing speeds of up to 15.5 mph. In a matter of seconds, the MiRiDER One easily folds up into a compact size. It effortlessly fits into your car boot and can even be taken on public transport when placed in a storage bag. The MiRider includes a thumb throttle that offers electric assistance up to 4 mph (when not pedaling) and serves as a boost button up to speeds of 15.5 mph (when pedaling). It performs exceptionally well in urban environments, thanks to its rear shock absorber and medium-width Schwalbe tires, providing a comfortable ride.


A Super Stylish Foldable E-bike

The innovative frame is die-cast, breaking away from the traditional welding process to create a streamline chassis with a slick, enviable design. Renowned for its sturdiness, the frame is made from aircraft grade magnesium alloy, making it impressively lightweight whilst offering great shock and corrosion resistance.


bigger battery

The even bigger battery, 7 ah, is created using genuine OE Samsung cells. Its hidden away within the frame making a perfect weight distribution. If the need to remove the battery to charge it come, or even switch it out for a quick turn over. The MiRiDER One can give fast access completed with its own security lock. The high quality battery combined with a all new efficient motor means that you can ride the great distances; except and assisted range of up to 45miles.


monstrous motor

The MiRiDER One is equipped with a completely brand new, 250 watt rear-hub motor to give a helping hand when pedalling up to speeds of 15.5 mph. The new upgrades allow the bike to perform with effect improving the torque by 25%. This is the new thing everybody wants, power and speed.


Your Buying Options

If you need to know more about the Mirider One then book a test ride at our shop, or a video call for us to talk you through the bike and answer your questions. If you buy online you benefit from FREE nationwide delivery and FREE returns if the bike isn't what you hoped for.



Geared brushless rear hub motor

Nominal Power

250 W (UK legal limit) with 40 nm of torque

Pedal Assist Top Speed

25 km/h or 15.5 mph (UK legal limit)

Battery Type

Samsung 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells

Battery Specs

36 v 7 Ah / 252 Wh

Battery Features

Removable and lockable (chargeable inside or off the bike)

MAX Range

up to 72 km or 45 miles (based on power level 1, average pace, rider weight and even terrain)

Climbing Angle

25 degrees maximum (based on average rider weight)

Charge Time

2-3 hours (using 42 v, 2.0 A UK charger supplied)


Multi-function LCD back-lit


Sine-wave Torque Simulation KT Controller compliant with all UK legal parameters.

Dash board readouts

Speed (km/h or mph), distance travelled ODO/trip (miles/km), battery % level, pedal assistance level, Led headlight (on/off)

Pedal Assist

5 levels


Full integrated magnesium alloy

Accessories Included

Front/rear mudguards, Front LED light, rear reflector, folding pedals, kickstand & stabiliser wheel, wheel magnets for secure folding, adjustable folding strap & battery charger.

Folded & Unfolded Dimensions

770*430*680 mm / 1340*575*1100 mm


Front and rear Clarks CMD-24 disk brakes


Rear spring damper


Schwalbe Green Compound Road Cruiser 16 x 1.75" with reflective side walls


16” wheels with aero rims and a MiRiDER designed 1 piece front hub


KMC e-bike specific

Total Approximate Weight Fully Equipped

17.3 kg

Maximum Recommended Rider Weight

120 kg

Rider Height

152 cm - 195 cm / 5'0 - 6'4

Road Legal


Optional Accessories

Additional battery, pannier rack, storage bag, pannier bag, phone holder and more


MiRiDER e-bikes come with a 2-year warranty covering the frame, motor, and battery. The 2-year warranty also covers electronic components such as electronic cabling, LCD display, throttle, and electronic brake cut-offs. There is a 1-year warranty on the charger, lights, and all non-wearing mechanical parts. Read more on our warranty page.

Tom Corrocan


There is a lot to consider when buying a new electric bike, but that's why we are here. We want to answer your questions and ensure you feel confident you're buying your ideal e-bike.


Invest in a new electric bike that is right for you with complete peace of mind. Test e-bikes from your home or in store.

We have taken the bikes out twice so far, around Salisbury, and have really enjoyed them, as well as the interested looks from people as we go by. I had mentioned that our road is quite a long hill rising at a good height and that we live at the top. Level 3 is fine, Level 4 easy, while Level 5 is amazing! Thank you again for all your help. We have been telling people about you and The Cycle Company and will certainly continue to do so.

Tim & Catherine (Foldable e-bike)

Amazing!!! I love bike riding!!! Cheesefoot hill no problem ... really loved the whole ride and kept up with the horse and left my husband and son for dead!!! Great bike great service dead chuffed!!! Thanks.

Lucy (Mountain E-bike)

I tried several e-bikes before settling on the Peak Trail 1 ELS – as soon as I had the test ride I knew it was the right bike for me, it was like driving a Jag vs a Ford! It’s so comfortable and smooth. It was a big benefit to use The Cycle Scheme to pay too. Thanks to The Cycle Company for all your help and advice and for seeing me on a Sunday!

Beth (Road E-bike)

Wow! I love my bike. Everything about it is classy, it looks great, and the motor is incredibly powerful, and the specs are superb. I’ve been flying up the hills and getting so many more downhills each ride. I’m the envy of my Mtb buddies! Thanks for all your help.

Guy, (Full Suspension E-Mountain Bike)