E-Gravel Bikes VS E-Mountain Bikes

There is a lot of choice when it comes to what type of electric bike you need, especially if you planning to go off-road. The two most frequent choices are E-Mountain Bikes (E-MTB) vs E-Gravel.

Whats the difference between Electric Mountain Bikes and Electric Gravel Bikes?

The E-MTB is a dedicated mountain bike meaning that it is built to go off-road and off the beaten track. Extra grip, confidence-inspiring geometry, wider tyres with a heavy tread pattern and wider handlebars are all features of electric mountain bikes. They also have full or rear suspension, which makes them more comfortable to ride off road. Electric MTBs are built to handle mud, bumps, and
tricky terrain.

The E-Gravel range offers a faster and more aggressive approach to certain off-road trails, but with a little less grip and control on slippy or muddy surfaces. Electric Gravel bikes are usually equipped with drop handlebars, as seen on road/racing bikes (although they are available with flat handlebars too), a rigid frame often with a carbon fork, skinnier tyres with a lighter tread pattern and a speed orientated geometry. This means they are built for use on and off road, but without the suspension – off road riding is less comfortable than on an electric MTB.

What and where can I ride on an E-MTB?

The possibilities are limitless, options of both full suspension and hardtail E-MTB’s exist and will allow you to conquer nearly anything in your path. Hardtail E-MTB’s feature only front suspension ranging from 70mm-150mm whilst Full Suspension E-MTB’s feature suspension both front and rear, ranging from 110mm-180mm. From long cross country rides to full-blown Downhill Bike Parks the electric MTB is going to be able to keep up. Saying this electric mountain bikes are significantly less efficient when riding on the road and when riding on gravel tracks.

What can I ride on an E-Gravel?

The clue is in the name! Electric Gravel Bikes are designed for riding both on and off-road. With a close resemblance to a road bike, the E-Gravel bike is a great winter bike choice for many road cyclists. Alongside this as everything begins to dry out and as spring and summer approach the door opens for the E-gravel bike. Bridal ways, forest paths, cobbled roads and MTB cross country trails are now all great options for your next Electric Gravel ride.


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