Bike of the Month Review - Volt Burlington

Classic Modern That Screams "Take Me Anywhere and Everywhere!"

Certain members of my household and plenty of friends like to tell me I have too many bikes.  I always argue that you need different bikes for different occasions/terrain/weather/time of the year/events/lunar cycles/outfits etc...... So I'm perpetually on the prowl for ways to reduce the shed/garage/hall way clutter and buy back some much needed brownie points.  
The Volt Burlington is an instant classic in the eBike world, truly measuring up to the one bike to rule them all.  Classic style with relaxed, upright geometry and a cushioned seat create the look and feel of a retro city bike.  Think Oxford cobbles on a sunny day or tottering along the Thames cycle paths for a w/e adventure.  The frame integrated battery completes the sleek lines that maintain that retro style, masking the hidden power within - some may not even notice it's an eBike, at least until you purr past them at 15.5 mph up a hill.  Shhhhhh!  Our little secret.
Don't tell the style police but it's very practical too.  With cleverly integrated lights, rack and mudguards it's perfect for year round commuting, shopping and any other day to day pursuits.
Combine that with large 27.5" wheels, thick 2" tyres and front suspension and you can ride straight off the tarmac on to the local trails with the same comfort and style.  Why stop and change bikes for that?  And who needs a full on eMountain Bike designed for heavy downhill and jumps anyway?  It will eat up the miles why you relax and enjoy the scenery allowing you to venture further and escape the norm.  With the 250 watt rear motor you'll be flying up the hills and cruising on the flat.  All that's left to do is decide where you're going next......
Founder of The Cycle Company