Why do you need specialist e-bike insurance? 

When buying an e-bike one key factor to consider is insurance. Although most home insurance policies cover bikes (up to a certain value) not all of them cover E-Bikes or have a cap on the price of the bike. Most electric bikes retail for £1000 or more, meaning E-bike cover on a home insurance policy either isn’t available or comes with a lot of restrictions. At The Cycle Company we always recommend specialist E-Bike insurance and work with Yellow Jersey and other providers to offer E-Bike insurance for your new or existing e-bike. 

Yellow Jersey

Yellow Jersey offer Electric bike insurance policies that are designed to provide E-bike riders with reliable, comprehensive insurance cover when cycling in the UK or abroad. They cover all of the essentials as standard: third-party liability, legal expenses, theft, and accidental damage.
They offer three levels of insurance however they recommend their “Essentials” tier as it is the best fit for electric bikes. The insurance is restricted to the UK under “Essentials”, and there is no cover for cycling events or racing, meaning you are not paying for cover you don’t need. You can also add electric bicycles belonging to both you and your family to our insurance policy, and make use of their generous 60% multi-bike discount. Their policies also have very high-value limits (£15,000 per bicycle), so they can accommodate every electric bicycle on the market.
Alongside Yellow Jersey, there are a few other providers we recommend. 

Other Recommended ebike insurance providers: 

Overall specialist E-Bike insurance is a great addition to the purchase of your new bike or existing E-Bike, offering you security, safety and peace of mind. For more details give us a call, email us or come in store and have a chat with one of our E-Bike experts.