Where can one charge on an electric bike take you near Winchester?

A question we are often asked is “How far can I ride an electric bike before the battery runs out?”

One of the biggest benefits of electric bicycles is that they can help riders go further with the same amount of leg power. On average a typical e-bike can last 30 – 60 miles on one charge.

Even our foldable e-bike, the MiRider One, will generally last a good 30 miles on a single charge. While the Kalkhoff Image 3B Excite can last over 80 miles. This is due to the size of the battery, known as the Watt Hours (Wh).

The range of an electric bike battery does depend on the level of assist you ride it in. So if you ride in turbo mode all the time then your battery won’t last as long. It also depends on how many hills you go up – the hillier the terrain the harder the battery will have to work.

So where could one e-bike charge take you?

Here’s a list of cycling routes around the Winchester area you could do on just one electric bike charge:

Shawford to Exton loop including lunch at The Shoe (45 miles)

This is one of our favourite routes, taking in some spectacular South Downs National Park scenery, quiet country lanes and Beacon Hill.

Shawford, to Winchester, to Alresford return (35 miles)

Explore the sites of Winchester including the Cathedral. Ride on to Alresford past Avington Hall for lunch at one of Alresford’s many cafes, or The Globe.

Shawford to Bournemouth beach front via The New Forest (c 50 miles)

This is generally a lovely, flat route through the famous New Forest, which has wonderful cycle trails, and on to the beach at Bournemouth for a refreshing dip.

There are so many great cycling routes around Winchester – you can read more on our favourite e-bike routes close to our shop in Shawford.

The range on electric bike batteries is so impressive now. Come and have a test ride of some of our e-bikes in store to find out more.