What is the difference between E-bike batteries? 


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Whether you are buying an E-mountain bike, E-Gravel bike, Electric Hybrid bike or Electric Road bike, battery size is an important consideration.
Battery brand and model are also important considerations. Here at The Cycle Company, we offer E-bikes equipped with batteries from Shimano Steps, Bosch, LG, Bafang, Fazua and more, each with unique pros and cons.

What are the e-battery options?

Battery size is a critical factor when choosing an e-bike battery. The larger the battery, the longer the potential range. However, larger batteries also mean more weight, which can affect the bike's handling and manoeuvrability. The size of e-bike batteries varies depending on the brand and style of the bike, ranging from 200W to 700W. Generally, an e-bike with a 400WH battery will give you a range of 35 miles, while a 750WH battery can provide up to 65 miles on a flat route with a low level of motor assistance.

Battery size

Potential Range (this would mean riding on a flat route, using a low level of motor assistance)

400 WH

35 miles

500 WH

45 miles

625 WH

55 miles

750 WH

65 miles

All batteries on the e-bikes we stock can be removed very easily using a key lock. This means batteries can be charged on or off your e-bike.

What range can I expect?

This is hugely dependent on battery size, motor assistance level, bike weight, riding location, bike style, bike and rider weight, and rider fitness. We offer an estimated range in miles for every bike we sell. However, it is an estimate and will vary depending on the above-mentioned variables.

What is the difference between an integrated and external battery?

You will see e-bikes with batteries on the pannier rack, the down tube, or the seat tube. They can be external, semi-integrated and fully integrated. However, the battery's location doesn't necessarily affect whether it's better or worse. This is still based on the size, the age (whether it has the latest technology) and the brand, and you should check all these things before buying a bike. Obviously, an integrated battery looks the neatest, and some bikes now look almost identical to a standard bike, the battery is so well hidden.


An example of a semi-integrated battery

Example of a semi-integrated battery on an ebike


Example of integrated battery

Example of an integrated battery on an ebike


What battery brand should I choose? 

Not all E-Bike batteries are created equal; each has advantages and disadvantages.

Bosch lithium-ion batteries

Bosch lithium-ion batteries are among the most modern on the market. Boasting intelligent battery-saving technology to help you get those extra miles. Some brands of e-bikes (Kalkhoff, for example) offer the potential to add a second battery for long-range rides.

Bafang batteries

Bafang batteries were among the first on the market and offer better reliability than many think. Combining the latest technology and years of industry know-how, they have developed lightweight, fast-charging, long-life batteries that provide the highest efficiency level.

Shimano Steps batteries

Shimano Steps batteries keep a greater charge for longer - retaining as much as 60% of max capacity after 1,000 charges. This yields years of reliable battery capacity for the average rider.

Fazua batteries

Fazua batteries get a lithium-ion battery at the cutting edge of technology. Fazua's BMS (Battery Management System) protects the battery from overcharging, overheating, under voltage or short circuits.

How much does a new e-bike battery cost? 

E-bike batteries range in cost depending on the size of the battery (watt hours), whether they are a known brand and whether they are integrated or semi-integrated. They generally start at around £300 and go up to £900.

Written by Duncan Cooper from The Cycle Company

Duncan is the shop manager at The Cycle Company. If there is anything Duncs doesn’t know about e-bikes – whether that is current or planned technology – then we would like to hear it. He loves mountain biking – even more now he has a Haibike Lyke lightweight e-bike, but his o rides have been paused while he trains for an iron man!! Duncs writes a lot of our e-bike comparison articles and looks at new technology.

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