The Ultimate Showdown Between Two lightweight eMTB's

Comparing Mondraker's natural feel vs. Haibike's electric punch. Which lightweight E-MTB is right for you...

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Mondraker Neat RR SL 2023 VS  Haibike Lyke CF 11 2023  

Mondraker Neat

Three employees of The Cycle Company, set out on an electric mountain biking adventure to test these two cutting-edge light weight e-mtbs at Rogate Bike Park, on the same trails professional downhill racers such as Bernard Kerr and Olly Wilkins sharpen their skills on. Switching bikes multiple times throughout the day, we put the e-bikes through their paces, scrutinising every detail from torque to tyre tread. There were some fearsome debates around key metrics like power, handling, components, and ride feel. Read on for our in-depth head-to-head on how these two electric models rank in the lightweight e-MTB world. We'll outline the differing ride characteristics, climbing capabilities, confidence on technical trails, and better understand why the difference in the price tag!                                                        

Dreamy Geometry and Riding sensatioHaibike Lyfens

Straight away the most noticeable difference is the size! While both are size medium, the Haibike has a more standard conventional size, on the other hand the Mondraker feels larger and longer, due to the brands forward geometry. Different ride styles may prefer the longer or shorter bikes. But we found once we were accustomed to the Mondraker's forward geometry and pointed it downhill in the attack position, it eradicated any initial hesitations, keeping the front wheel planted with traction to spare through messy sections.

Gliding along Rogate's gnarliest rock gardens and root nests, the Mondraker's 17.9kg weight nearly fools you into forgetting it's an e-bike. The low centre of gravity and supple 150/160mm suspension translate impacts into easy going traction. It goes without warning that the Devil lives in this bike, feeding you the inner voice to attempt that gap you only dream of. When you send jumps on this machine you notice how natural it feels, the balanced weight and geometry design propels you skyward. This lightweight bike darts nimbly berm-to-berm. This e-bike egged us all on to brake later, grab more air, and slash berms with the conviction of an enduro non e-bike.

The Haibike dishes out stability and compliance by the spadeful. Its balanced 19.5kg disperses the weight well, giving it a natural feel riding downhill. It feels more agile and easier to throw the back end around than the Mondraker, most likely due to

its lesser travel in the suspension and small frame size feeling. This beast shows its true beauty on less technical trails and more on flow runs. Throw it at the black runs and it may not give you as smooth a riding experience as the Neat, but this could be the rider!

Natural vs unnatural? Motor and battery performance comparison

The Mondraker uses the newest TQ HP50 motor delivering 50nm torque for an ultra-responsive and natural activation, coupled with a super quiet motor, even in the highest level of assistance it’s difficult to hear the purr. It builds the power progressively without you noticing, leaving this e-bike's motor performance the closest to feeling like riding a normal bike. However, the natural assistance comes at a cost of generating less power, nevertheless, the Mondraker will get you up the hill without breaking a sweat!

Meanwhile the Haibike provides you with the newest Fazua Ride 60 motor with 60nm torque. It delivers responsive torque to the rear wheel with just slightly more abrupt surges of power compared to the Mondraker. You feel a bit more of that punchy electric assist sensation, but the Haibike still permits a mostly natural riding feel, just slightly less smooth and less quiet than the TQ motor. Additionally, the Haibike charges uphill like a bull with its 12 seconds boost assist option, offering a surge of energy that's both exhilarating and efficient.

Remarkably both bikes are easy to pedal past the 15.5mph assisted speed limit, making them feel like normal bikes even when non-motor assisted. And both e-bike's batteries lasted all day (4 hours) of aggressive shredding on the highest power mode. However, the Mondraker leaned on a 160wh battery extender on top of its integrated 360wh capacity to match the longevity of the Haibike’s 430wh battery.

Decisions are better made together!

Our electric mountain biking adventure brought forth a thrilling comparison between the Mondraker and Haibike. The Mondraker, with its forward geometry, lightweight build, and natural TQ HP50 motor, delivers a dreamy, nimble experience. It encourages riders to push limits and embrace the challenge of technical terrains, capable of cross-country riding and perilous downhill tracks. On the other hand, the Haibike impresses with stability, compliance, and the punchy Fazua Ride 60 motor. Its agility shines on flow runs, cross-country trails and pushing into the realm of enduro. Both providing a different yet equally exhilarating ride.

When investing in an e-bike we understand its difficult in choosing the right bike for you. Drawing from our collective experience riding the full spectrum of e-bikes, from lightweight to full-fat, we aim to outline the core performance factors so you can best match a model to your riding style and local terrain. That’s why here at The Cycle Company, our passion and constantly developing knowledge can help guide you to your perfect two-wheeled match. So if your concerned what e-bike is right for you or you even want to just come in for a chat about bikes, we would be ecstatic to help and guide you through the mind field of e-bikes!