The Cycle Company – Our electric journey:

The Cycle Company - Ed Chase
The Cycle Company - Tom Corcoran
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Owned by Tom Corcoran, Ed Chase & Duncan Pryde - 3 great cycling friends from Winchester: This is the story of how The Cycle Company was formed and our aims for the future:

The spark that ignited The Cycle Company's journey came from a good friend of ours, George Rees, who is a local land owner and a guy worth listening to. After purchasing his first electric bike, George was so excited he actually went out on several electric bike rides with his family and enjoyed them…. Those who know George will recognise that a) he doesn’t get excited often b) when he does it is hard to tell and c) he has never enjoyed cycling!

Knowing that I have an interest in new business opportunities, George mentioned that he thought e-bikes were worth looking into and, seeing his excitement, I took notice! Since then, things have seemed to happen very fast. Working with two great mates – Ed Chase & Duncan Pryde – we are now days away from opening The Cycle Company’s first shop in Shawford. We will be offering all types of electric bikes – from e-mountain bikes to foldable e-bikes, to hybrid or road electric bikes. We will also be offering electric bike hire for families, commuters and groups of friends. The excitement is electric… (ahem!).

Our aims for The Cycle Company stem from our love for the area we live in and for all things cycling. The key ones for us are:

We think everyone should be cycling more:
Electric bikes make cycling accessible to a much wider audience, as well as being great fun! We want more people out riding and enjoying the beautiful Hampshire roads and countryside on e-bikes.

We all have young kids and want to see more families and groups of friends riding together:
The motors on electric bikes level the playing field, which means families and groups of friends can ride together no matter what the levels of fitness or cycling experience.

We want to see fewer cars on the road:
The government has a mission to reduce the number of car journeys under 5 miles by 33% by 2025, which we are big fans of. We see electric bikes as the key to the success of this goal.

We see e-bikes as the future:
Riding an electric bike puts a huge smile on your face – we see this every time someone test rides one of our bikes. They are great for the environment and with technology changing and improving all the time, this is an exciting time to launch an electric bike company.

As we near our opening date, our number one goal initially though, is to be accessible – we realise buying an e-bike is a big deal. These are expensive bits of kit. We want to make it as easy as possible to try e-bikes out – whether that is at our shop, hiring one for a day (or more), us bringing bikes to your house or work, or talking you through bikes on a Zoom call. We want you to feel completely confident you have purchased the electric bike that is best for your needs.

So please get in touch, or just pop in to see us – we can’t wait to power up and get this journey started!