Step Through E-bikes - Not just for the Dutch!

A step through electric bike usually doesn’t have a crossbar (the bar that goes from the seat to the handlebars) and if it does, then it is angled down towards the pedals. This make step through e-bikes exactly as the name suggests – easy to step through to get on!

They also usually feature curved, upright handlebars, making the riding style upright and focused on comfort. It used to be that these bikes were associated with our friends from Holland, who have lovely, flat cities to cycle around – but at The Cycle Company we are now seeing considerable demand for this style of step through e-bike for the following reasons:

  1. All electric bike motors enable you to ride at 15.5 mph. It doesn’t matter what design the bike is – there is no need to be streamlined or aerodynamic. So electric bike riders are able to focus on comfort without having to worry about speed.
  2. The step through frame means it is much easier to get on and off the bike. Electric bikes make cycling accessible to those who may otherwise struggle to ride and the easier they are to get on and off the more confident the rider feels.
  3. The high handle bars and comfortable riding position means you don’t have to ride while leaning forward with your neck up. This takes the strain off the lower back and your neck, which is another reason many find cycling difficult.

At The Cycle Company we stock several brands and style of step through electric bikes and these are available for test ride at our e-bike shop near Winchester. 

Volt Kensington

Volt Kensington - step through bike Review

Forme Peak Trail 2ELS

From Peak Review


Hikobike Pulse

    HikoBike Pulse

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