Myth Busting: Is riding an e-bike cheating?

One of the most common comments we hear when we talk about e-bikes is 

"I'm not ready for an electric bike yet - they're cheating!"

...but are they?!

Ebikes allow you to choose how much assistance you get

One of the great things about electric bikes is that you can choose the level of assistance you get. Most e-bikes have either 4 or 5 levels of assistance. This means you can ride with no help at all if you want to and get as tired as you want, then you can ask the bike to help you out. Or you could just use the assistance on the hills. For commuters, you can ride in to work with the power on full and not break a sweat - but then ride with no or minimal help on the way home. If you want help from the motor it is there, but it doesn't have to be.

Lighter e-bikes ride more like non-e-bikes

There is now a new breed of lighter, faster e-bikes - our lightest e-bike is the 3T Exploro Boost, which weighs just 10.5 Kg, or the Kinesis Lyfe, which weighs 16.5 Kg. These are bikes that are designed to be ridden like non-electric bikes and offer less assistance than normal-weight e-bikes. They will power you up hills or out of the mud if you need help, but you need to work a bit harder. 

Ebike allows you to ride further and more often

Having a motor to help you when you want help, means that you can ride further. The confidence in knowing you will be able to conquer any hills or ask the bike to help when you get tired means you get so much more enjoyment from your riding and are likely to ride bigger distances and get out more regularly.... which is a great thing!

The best thing to do is come and try an electric bike and decide for yourself if you think they are cheating. We stock a wide range of e-bikes and with prices starting at just £1250, it is a brilliant time to buy. If you are eligible for one of the bike-to-work schemes then you can potentially even save an additional 40% on these prices. 


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