How to Get Your Kids Excited About Cycling: Tips and Tricks for Parents

Are you looking for ways to get your kids active and healthy while spending quality time together as a family? Cycling is a fantastic option, but getting kids excited about it can sometimes be a challenge. In this post, we'll share some tips and tricks for parents on how to get kids enthusiastic about cycling.

Start Early with Kids Cycling

Introduce your kids to cycling at an early age with a balance bike or tricycle so they can learn to balance and pedal. As they get older, upgrade to a bigger bike with stabilizers, and eventually remove them to help them develop balance and confidence.

Make Cycling Fun for Kids

Kids love to have fun, so make cycling a fun activity. Take them on bike rides to new and exciting places like parks or the beach. Play games while riding, like racing each other or doing scavenger hunts.

Set Goals for Kids Cycling

Kids love to feel like they're accomplishing something, so set goals for them. Challenge them to ride a certain distance or try a new trail. Make it a family goal and celebrate when you achieve it together.

Lead by Example by Cycling yourself

If you want your kids to be enthusiastic about cycling, you need to lead by example. Make cycling a part of your daily routine, and let your kids see how much you enjoy it. Take them on family bike rides and make it a regular activity.


Getting your kids excited about cycling can be a lot of fun, and it can also promote a healthy and active lifestyle. By starting early, making it fun, setting goals, and leading by example you can help your kids develop a love for cycling that will last a lifetime. Remember, cycling for kids should be a safe and enjoyable experience, so always prioritise their safety and make sure they're properly equipped with helmets and other gear.