How to choose the right bike helmet?

Your bike helmet is by far the most important piece of protective gear you can wear when cycling. At the Cycle Company, we highly recommend wearing one! However, when it comes to buying your first helmet or refreshing your old helmet there are a lot of choices. If you are looking to choose the right bike helmet we set out some questions for you to ask yourself first. 

Do I need a specific E-bike helmet?

No. A high-quality cycle helmet will work just fine, however you do need to consider what helmet to buy depending on where you plan on riding your new e-bike. 

How do I choose what helmet to buy?

First off you need to ensure that you buy the correct helmet for the riding you are doing. If you're riding on the road only you need to look at a road or commuter helmet, often characterised by not having a visor for better on-road visibility.  If you are riding o you need to look at the relevant helmets. Helmets designed for mountain biking or o use are often characterised by more extensive protection at the back of the head, a visor and other features such as MIPS or a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

How do I know if a helmet fits? 

While more affordable helmets sometimes offer a one-size-fits-all design, many bike helmets come in a range of sizes, which in turn helps provide a secure and comfortable fit. Some use a size guide based on CM whilst others use an S, M, L system. We always recommend following the s size guide or coming in to get sized up. Helmets are designed to fit just above your eyebrows and ears, and as such, this is the best place to measure your head to guarantee a proper fit. Some things can prevent you from getting a proper fit with a bike helmet, a ponytail being the most common so ensure that your hair is down when fitting your new bike helmet. 
How to measure your head for a helmet.