How much does an E-Bike Cost

When looking for your new E-Bike one key factor is price. An E-Bike is more expensive than a regular bike because they are packed with extra power and features. At The Cycle Company, we stock a range of e-bikes covering a range of prices, starting from just over £1200 to over £7,000.

 But why do certain e-bikes cost more than others? Well, there are several factors. 

  1. location of the motor 

  2. location of the battery


Location of the motor and battery

Lead in E-bikes (£1200 - £2500)

The most affordable e-bikes at The Cycle Company, are those with rear hub motors (motors located in the rear wheel of the bike). This is because the motor is heavy and having the weight in the back of the bike affects the balance and how the e-bike rides. Rear hub motors are also harder to maintain as they are difficult to access and the rear wheel is tricky to get on and off, making fixing punctures very fiddly. Finally, rear hub motors are generally made by lesser-known brands - you won't find a Bosch rear hub motor for example. 

Examples of rear hub motor e-bikes:

Estarli 28 ebike

Estarli 28


Volt Kensington ebike

Volt Kensington

Mid Range E-bikes (£2500 - £5000)

These are bikes with central hub motors (motors between the pedals). Central hub motors are generally manufactured by brands like Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, and Brose. The weight is below you so the bike is better balanced and the wheels are generally quick-release, so fixing punctures and bike maintenance is much easier. These motors also feature diagnostics analysis and updates, so it is very easy to find out any errors and updates that need action.

Examples of central hub motor e-bikes:


Forme Peak Trail 1 els ebike

Forme Peak Trail 1 els



Focus Jarifa 6.8 ebike


Focus Jarifa 6.8

Specialist e-bikes (£5000+):

These are generally e-bikes with top-of-the-range motors and batteries i.e. the most powerful motors and the largest batteries. They also have the best non-electrical components (gears, brakes, suspension, etc). There is also a new breed of lighter e-bikes, which ride more like normal bikes and have a lower level of motor power and battery range - so you only use the assistance when you need it. These bikes offer everything possible to keep the weight low - like carbon frames. The 3T Exploro Boost is only 10.7Kgs for example.

Examples of specialist e-bikes:



Focus 6.9 ebike

Focus Sam 6.9

3t exploro  ebike

3T Exploro Racemax Boost


The location of the battery also affects the cost. 

External batteries are more affordable than integrated batteries and those with higher wattage (500 WH and greater) often incur a premium as they allow you to ride further and longer than a lower-wattage battery.

The general specification of the e-bikes you are looking at also affects cost. General specification means the non-electrical parts equipped on your chosen e-bike, these are often shared with non-electric bikes. 


Additional costs of e-bikes

How much does it cost to charge an e-bike?

Depending on which combination of battery and charger you have it will take between 4 and 6 hours to charge your battery. This equates to between 5p and 10p worth of electricity, depending on your electricity tariff.

How much does it cost to service? 

Here at The Cycle Company, we offer servicing, maintenance, and repairs for electric bikes. Our skilled cycle mechanics are trained in all aspects of bike repair work, including most models of e-bikes. We have diagnostics tools for the major e-bike motors including Bosch, Shimano, Brose, and Bafang. In terms of costs, we offer three levels of service which can be found

How much is e-bike insurance? 

Depending on the cost of your e-bike, previous claims, your postcode, and level of coverage the price of insurance can differ. We recommend you request a quote from Yellow Jersey 

If you would like some advice on which bike suits you and the prices that we offer. Then please pop into the store or call us on 01967007