Guide to e-bike maintenance

An electric bike, like a regular bike, needs maintenance. Cleaning and taking care of your e-bike will keep it running smoothly, efficiently and safely, all of which can contribute to a longer lifespan for the motor and battery.

In many ways, the maintenance of an Electric bike is very similar to the maintenance of a non-electric bike. This is due to the shared componentry of both styles of bike. However, some specific E-Bike maintenance tips will help you keep your bike running smoother for longer. 

How to change a tyre? 

This is one of the most fundamental maintenance jobs that any cyclist should know. However, it can be difficult on some models of e-bikes due to the motor placement. If your e-bike is equipped with a crank-driven motor, you should be able to change a tyre and tube alike to a regular bike. However, if your e-bike is equipped with a hub-driven motor it is a lot more complicated and we would recommend you bring your bike in-store and have one of our friendly mechanics assist you. 

How often to get your E-bike serviced? 

The Cycle Company offer servicing, maintenance and repairs for electric bikes, as well as normal bikes. Our skilled cycle mechanics are trained in all aspects of bike repair work, including most models of e-bikes. We have diagnostics tools for the major e-bike motors including Bosch, Shimano, Brose and Bafang. We offer three levels of service - Bronze, Silver and Gold. We recommend a Bronze service once a year, we recommend a Silver service once every two years, and a Gold service once every 5 years. However, this is dependent on use and overall maintenance. 

How to charge an E-Bike? 

Generally speaking, all E-Bike chargers will come installed with an automatic “cut-off”. This ensures that the battery is never overcharged. But we do recommend you charge your E-Bike for no longer than 5 hours. Ensuring that the battery never overcharges, we stay in good health and in excellent working order. 
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How to clean your ebike?

We strongly suggest that before you put your bike away from a bike ride you take a few minutes after each ride to clean your bike.   Focus on the drivetrain (the gears and chain and the battery In the blog below we outline 7 point plan of how to keep your ebike looking spit and span.

How to clean your ebike


The Cycle Company

If you need some help with your bike maintenance then The Cycle Company offers bike repairs, maintenance and services for both electric bikes and normal bikes.