There is a huge range of foldable e-bikes on the market now. We stock five different models at The Cycle Company alone – but these have been carefully considered as each model suits different riders requirements. We thought is would be useful to list out these differences to make selecting the right folding e-bike for you a lot easier.

 The foldable e-bikes available at The Cycle Company are as follows:


These are the key differences between each of these fantastic foldable e-bikes:

Estarli e20.7

Weighing just 17.5 Kgs and featuring a 20” wheel, this is a very versatile foldable e-bike. It folds up incredibly easily and is light and easy to manoeuvre. The 20” wheels make it very stable to ride and the clever, seat tube battery offers a claimed range of 50 Kms. It suits riders from 5ft to 6ft 3 and comes with 7 gears and optional pannier rack and mudguards.
The Estarli e20.7 is popular with: Caravan & camper van owners who want to go for longer rides in comfort. Commuters who want to take a folding e-bike on the train and have a longer ride either side.
Price from £1425 at the time of writing.

Estarli e20.8

The Estarli e20.8 is the tougher brother (or sister) of the Estarli e20.7. It has a more robust frame and can be fitted with a chunkier tyre on the 20” wheels – this means it can take heavier riders and is also built to ride on or off road. It also has a slightly more powerful motor than the Estarli e20.7, but weighs slightly more at 19.5 Kgs. Other upgrades include hydraulic disc brakes and 8 gears.
The Estarli e20.8 is popular with: Anyone short of space who wants a versatile foldable e-bike. Or caravan or campervan owners who want a folding e-bike they can ride on tracks and trails as well as roads.
Price from £1850 at the time of writing.

MiRider One

The MiRider One is a fun, nippy and playful foldable e-bike. The 16” wheels and light weight (just 17.3 Kgs) mean it is lighter to handle and it fits anyone from 4ft 10 to 6 ft 5! The smaller wheels take a little getting used to but that really doesn’t take long and most people love the ease of riding the MiRider One. It is also a single speed, so you use the 5 power levels in place of the gears and this makes maintenance of the bike really straightforward. Finally, the MRider One folds up to a very compact size.
The MiRider One is popular with: Commuters who want a light, small, foldable e-bike to bomb round town. Caravan and campervan owners who want a compact folding e-bike for easy, local trips.
Price from £1595 at the time of writing.

MiRider GB3

The MiRider GB3 is for those who really like the style, size and riding options of the MiRider One, but the upgraded version. The GB3 comes with 3 gears, which is really all you need for a bike with 16” wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, a carbon belt drive, a bigger, colour screen and a more comfortable saddle. It is slightly heavier at 19 Kgs though. It should be noted that both MiRiders can be fitted with off-road tyres, meaning they can also handle hard packed tracks and trails.
The MiRider GB3 is popular with: Commuters who want a light, small, foldable e-bike but also need to tackle some hills. Caravan and campervan owners who want a compact folding e-bike, but also do slightly more adventurous rides.
Price from £2495 at the time of writing.

Volt Metro

The Volt Metro is built for those looking for a foldable e-bike that can provide comfortable, long rides. It offers two battery options with the larger one giving up to 60 miles range, suspension forks and seat post, 8 gears and hydraulic disc brakes. This is really a foldable e-bike for those who want to get out and explore or commute in comfort. It is heavier though at 22.7 Kgs and suits all rider heights from 5 ft 1 to 6 ft 2. One customer rode a Volt Metro right across the Pyrenees.
The Volt Metro is popular with: Caravan and campervan owners who want to go out for full days riding. Commuters who have a longer ride to work but don’t need to carry their bike far. Those short of space who want a foldable e-bike that rides more like a normal e-bike.
Price from £1949 at the time of writing.